Creating Meaningful Work

The Woodfire Center in structured to allow people to grow, to improve, to create quality work, to serve people, and to create for themselves a meaningful job.

We want people who have found jobs in the normal world to be miserable things, where you have to work like a demon on projects with no human benefit or natural personal quality.

We want people who want to empower themselves to do good work for good purposes, work that heals and nutures themselves and others, which is both hard & playful. Work that builds on the past while pushing forward to improve the world.

All the categories you can see on this site are in fact work incubators, intended to be the germ of a service which can grow into a large, wonderful economy, in any region.

Not all the work will stay in the center, of course. But the center will try to help people with the same goals stay in contact, together in networks of custom work. These are sometimes known in the business world as "flexible manufacturing networks". In our case, these have, at their core, values of human and ecological health.