Become a supporter of the origins of ceramics

Woodfired ceramics offer a means of controlling the sustainability of production. The woodfire centers is forested or salvaged without the need for felling whole forests, or burning oil or gas, or redirecting rivers and extending flood plains. We try to fire once, with wet, green clay in the traditional manner. This gives the resulting pieces a depth that can not be reproduced in a modern kiln.

There are many ways to help the center.

  • At the moment the woodfire center is looking for an appropriate home in the vicinity of Eugene, Oregon, where a vigorous woodfire ceramics movement is ready to make this project a success of international proportions.
  • Cash donations will be leveraged with loans to fund various parts of the Woodfire income schemes. We believe that hundreds of people can find meaningful work in this arena within the region. We hope to then help other regions to do the same, actively and by example.
    • Prometheus: $20,000
    • Vulcan: $15,000
    • Pele: $10,000
    • Hephaestus: $5,000
    • Phoenix: $3,000
    • Mazama: $1,000
  • Members can contribute their time, energies, materials and commitments.
  • Students will help the center, and in exchange will develop valuable skills and achieve satisfying work.
  • This entire website is built around the sustainablility of the center. Check out where you could benefit from our offerings.