Incorporate Woodfired Ceramics into your Building

Let the Woodfire Center's team, and extended network of architects, artists, artisans, builders and students, propose a woodfire ceramic installtion for your civic or corporate environment.

Woodfired ceramics provide an ideal natural, profound, and harmonious structure with the strength to withstand centuries of abuse. Fired at over 2000 F degrees, made of hard silica & kaolin, nothing much can damage a properly constructed woodfire installation.

And yet it looks alive, with the feeling of the fire always vibrant & visible on its surfaces.

Fees are quite reasonable:

  • One-hour consultation: free
  • Full proposal (one week's work by the entire team): $500
  • Structural design & art work: $25/hour
  • Craft work: $20/hour
  • Installation work: $15/hour
  • Materials are extra, but more inexpensive for the quality than any other available.

A typical installation, for example, a tile mural covering the interior of a 10 x 10 x 10 room, could cost as little as $5,000.